Hello friends!

av | 10 juni, 2022

I’m super happy to share news on Paxamare Leadership’s long term strategic collaboration with Duni Group. Earlier this year we started working together on global leadership development in order to create momentum and a tailor-made road ahead. The result is carefully designed yet quickly launched programs, increasing speed and effect on a key strategic initiative.

”We’re on a mission” says Karin Roslin, heading Duni Group’s Organizational Development. ”We are determined to make a difference, giving more than we take, building on the growth of our people and culture. When launching our leadership initiative, we decided to partner with Anna Bergstrand. Her field of expertise is to strengthen leaders in tune with both human and business needs, and I quickly realized that we shared common ground.”

With the red carpet mentally rolled out, the first part of the journey has now brought leaders from all across Europe together. After summer, we expand the programs further, both in terms of content and reach.

It’s a true joy to have a seriously dedicated client and I feel really fortunate and thankful to get to do what I love doing.

With this I wish you all a great summer with lots of what makes you happy!