Kudos to my partners

Webhelp – Nordic Leadership & Training Manager, Group Management Team

The assignment was to implement the newly installed role of Nordic Leadership & Training Manager. Its main scope was to unify and build the corporate culture as well as strenghtening leadership abilities. At the time Webhelp consisted of 1800 coworkers across the Nordics; today it is one of the world’s largest CX corporations. Along the road, I, together with my colleagues, created a new online onboarding program. I also developed and implemented a leadership development program based on the coaching approach. Various development initiatives from 1st line managers to C-level were also created.

Executive- and team coaching

Coaching of managers and execs from 1st line to top executive level, individually or in teams. Hundreds of collaborations within public as well as private sector, industries such as life science, media, IT, healthcare, gaming, shipping, CX customer experience, construction, finance, food industry.

Autolease/DNB – Facilitation

Workshop held in order to reflect upon the first part of 2020, aiming at getting a head start for the fall, creating awareness on what was to come. I facilitated the first part of a two day conference, resulting in widened perspectives, energy facing the right direction, heightened awareness and decisions for the fall.

Nalen – Executive Search – Marketing Manager

Nalen Konferens & Event needed to expand their team with a Marketing Manager specifically aimed at Events & Conferences. Together with CEO I created a thorough candidate profile and acted as head hunter. After due process new competence with fresh perspectives was hired.

Blocket – Core values

In collaboration with CEO and HR Manager I headed the process for establishing Blocket’s core values from scratch. The entire organisation, then consisting of approximately 70 coworkers, took active part. Core values harmonizing with Schibsted’s values were established, as well as key behaviours needed to keep the values alive in everyday work.

Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset – Medical Chiefs of Staff – Communicative leadership

Leadership development program based on coaching approach to leadership, which I co-created with the client. Target group: Clinic Chiefs of Staff, Head nurses, other chiefs of staff. Evaluations 4,8/5 average.

NCC – Development Project

Significant organizational change lay ahead in NCC Construction Sweden, and there was a need to establish acceptance on this. The Project Manager and myself collaborated around facilitating a series of workshops seeking to make the shift as smooth as possible. Target group: local office team members. Resulted in more favourable mindsets prior to the change coming into place.

Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset – Medical Clinic Management Team Development

Co-created and held team development sessions with various medical clinics, among them the Emergency Unit at Karolinska in Solna. Working from current state of affairs to constantly improving daily work and progress towards goals. Resulted in teams levelling up collaboration.

VisitSweden – Core values

At the time I entered into the core values work, the values were already established. Our partnership formed around integrating the values. Together with the CCO I created a series of workshops to be held throughout all VisitSweden’s local offices. Resulted in values playfully integrated to a larger extent and participants aware of the values’ meaning, both on a personal as well as organizational level.

Folktandvården Stockholm – Dental Clinic Management – Leadership & Communication

Leadership development program based on coaching approach to leadership, co-created with the client. Target group: All clinic managers, many very experienced leaders. Results were so good that the initiative expanded to target all clinic supervisors as well. Evaluations 4,7/5 average. ”I would have needed this already 20 years ago!” Clinic Manager