My Story

Leadership matters.

Paxamare Leadership is founded by me, Anna Bergstrand, experienced consultant and coach. During 20 years, clients have trusted me to support them in taking their business to the next level. I have integrated my experience in business development with advanced insights in leadership, team dynamics and coaching.

To date, I have coached, advised and trained hundreds of leaders from first line to C-level, within industries such as  IT, construction, shipping, life science, customer experience, finance and health care.

Originally a business graduate with MSc in International Business Administration & Economics from Umeå University, I have deepened my leadership skills through several advanced and accredited training programmes; Co-active Coaching, CTI Coaches Training Institute, Organizational & Relationship Systems Coaching, CRR Global, Professional Communication, Teachers’ Education Stockholm University, Reflector Big Five Assessment tools, to name a few.

I was one of the first leaders in the digital era as Managing Director Scandinavia, IT industry, and then moved on to various roles such as CEO own businesses within leadership & organizational development, HR Manager, Shipping; Leadership & Training Manager, CX Industry.

During spring 2020 I took the opportunity to realize my almost 20 year old dream of graduating as Deck Officer VIII, which opens up for my goal to carry out leadership work onboard instead of on land. 2001-2002 I crossed the Atlantic, worked throughout the Caribbean on yachts, sailed back, continued working in the Mediterranean. I delivery sailed yachts through pirate infested waters as well as the English Channel. Life never quite became the same after this, at least not on the inside.

What’s in a name – Paxamare Leadership

Connecting leadership to navigation at sea comes natural for me. That’s where A Mare came into Paxamare, simply because I love the sea. And the metaphorical language it brings to leadership is just endless. Change your course by a single degree and you will eventually end up at another continent – small adjustments in your leadership style can make a big difference. Sometimes the sea is calm, sometimes it’s stormy – everyday work really is a constant matter of balancing whatever is. So I never talk about work/life balance, I talk about balancing. A verb; something we do, something we choose how to be with. Complete balance is something we achieve the day we die, not before.

Enter Pax, meaning Peace in Latin. Grand word indeed, but let’s apply it to reality. Many have experienced the consequences of “warfare” at work. Nothing good has ever come from that. You need to “come in peace”, with good intentions for those around you. Good relations are both safe and challenging, which creates room to operate and in the end, better bottom line results.

Paxamare. Leadership matters.